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Sips Lounge - Next Quarterly on 3000-06-29 for 0

Tournament Director: DJ

Sips Lounge, all action, all entertaiment, all the time!!
This Venue Does Not Allow Smoking
Sips lounge is located behind Asia Buffet. This game will be a turbo game!!
when where

9:30 PM Tuesday

Click for Map7090 Concourese Pkwy
Douglasville, Ga 30134
iconAugust 06
  ID # Name Pts
1 28623 Houdini 132
2 31193 LAC 120
3 24989 Mr. Mike 108
iconJuly 30
  ID # Name Pts
1 27466 Fats 198
2 8664 D. S. G. B. 180
3 32120 Sip 162
iconJuly 23
  ID # Name Pts
1 31331 Egg Man 264
2 27466 Fats 240
3 1504 Lady In Red 216
iconJuly 16
  ID # Name Pts
1 22249 Motox12 264
2 1504 Lady In Red 240
3 31543 Ant 216
1 1 1 1 1 1
1 1
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