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August 21
Venue Player ID Player Monthly Rank YTD Rank
La Fiesta-Fairburn 11725 Hattrick 262 535
Watering Hole 11159 Trey 333 83 63
IL Forno Pizza & Pasta 2709 Fred 163 541
Craze Tavern 25711 Corey 162 262
Twisted Tavern Buford 25093 Lou 41 37
Tooey's 19199 Joey Hoover 112 143
Twisted Tavern 18479 Paul 108 533
Famous Joes 2111 BOBSKI 80 184
Any Two Cards Poker League News
Any Two Cards Poker League News

2014-08-18 17:08:04
Georgia Rib After Many Years in The Food Industry In Marietta is Closing Their Doors After This Saturday August 23rd. Georgia Rib is Offering Many Great Food and Drink Specials This Saturday To Our Poker Players At The 6:30pm Game. Come Say Thank You To Georgia Rib For Many Years Of Hosting Poker Games With Any Two Cards!!!

2014-08-18 08:56:38
Famous Joe's Will Host A $300.00 Freeroll This Saturday August 23rd At 7:30pm!!!! All Players Are Invited To Attend This Special Game!!!

2014-08-17 20:07:51
Kuzan's Is Continuing Their Grand Opening This Week With A $200.00 Freeroll On Friday August 22nd At 9:30pm. Kuzan's (former twisted tavern suwanee) offers players a new menu with pasta's, mexican,and american food choices along with their regular bar foods. Let's join Jay and Renee 8 games per week in their grand opening, "out with the old, in with the new"

2014-08-17 19:56:47
There Will Be A $400.00 Freeroll on September 3rd At 7:00pm At Annie's Italian Kitchen In Alpharetta. All Players Are Invited To Attend This Special Event.

2014-08-11 11:51:02
Twisted Tavern Suwanee Has Changed Their Name To KUZAN'S. The Owners Jay and Renee Have Made many Changes At This Location Including Making It Non-Smoking On The Inside, A New Menu That Includes Pasta, Cajan Pasta, Steaks, Build Your Own Burger, Wings, Boneless Wings, Plus Many Other New Items Plus Some Of Poker Players Favorites. Kuzan's Supports Free Poker At This Location By Hosting 8 Free Poker Games Per Week With Any Two Cards. See Our Schedule For Times.

2014-08-05 10:07:03
Get Ready Dougasville Area Players!! A New Game Will Be In that Area At Thunderzone Bowling Center Starting August 18th At 7:30pm. Thunderzone Is Located At 3140 Bright Star Rd Douglasville 30135. The Game Will Be A $100.00 Freeroll. Thunderzone Also Offers A Great List Of Foods From Wraps, Burgers, Salads, Baskets And Pizza For Your Poker Enjoyment. Also, Thunderzone Offers Additional Family Entertaiment Besides Bowling Such As Laser Tag, Cosmic Bowling, Vip Bowling and a Large Arcade. Write It Down, Put It In Your Phone, Tell Your Poker Friends, August 18th at 7:30pm. BE THERE!!!!

2014-07-29 13:23:10
Upcoming Monthly and Annual Tournaments $2000 Prize
The Following is an update of the Monthly Tournaments to be held with Any Two Cards: NEW PRIZE STRUCTURE FOR MONTHLIES: $2000 PRIZE!!! The TOP 20 WILL GO TO THE ANNUAL!!! TOP 20 WILL WIN CASH PRIZE STARTING AT $800.00 for FIRST PLACE to $25.00 for 20th PLACE!!!! July, August, September Monthly; Qualifiers for July will be playing in the July Monthly on SUNDAY,August 10th at 1:00pm at Twisted Tavern Suwanee in Suwanee, Georgia. The top 200 players in points from July are invited to attend. This is a $2000.00 tournament and the top 20 players are paid and enter the annual event. The monthly for August Qualifiers will be September 13th, A SATURDAY, at 1:00pm at Annie's Italian Kitchen in Alpharetta. The monthly for September qualifiers will October 11th at 1:00pm at Famous Joe's in Buford. The top 200 players in points are invited to attend these events. As always, it is free to play with Any Two Cards Poker League, an entertainment company. FOR EACH MONTHLY: Cards fly at 1 p.m. Sign up at 12:00 Noon.

2014-07-27 00:53:37
Any Two Cards Welcomes 1711 Cafe in the Suite 200 Entertaiment Center in Snellville/Grayson To Our Weekly Poker Entertaiment Schedule. 1711 Cafe Will Host Freeroll Games On Tuesday's and Thursday's Starting July 15th at 7:30pm.1711 Cafe Suite 200 Entertainment Center is located at 1711 Athens Highway (hwy 78) in Grayson/Snellville next to 1711 Restaurant and Bar in the Old City Slickers Location.The Restaurant Features New South Fusion Cuisine. Very Good!!

2014-07-13 18:35:54
Annie's Italian Kitchen now has 6 games every week. Join us on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Check the schedule for game times. The Thursday Game will be a House Cash Game paying $30 $20 $10. All other games will be a $100.00 freeroll with chopping allowed.

2014-05-26 01:25:11
All special events and premium member games require a player to have received at least 50 points that Month. As always, the start times for specialty events are at 1:00pm. Each of these events will be held at locations to be determined. February 15th is a Saturday, this is a platinum only event. April 27th is a gold card tournament, both platinum and gold card members are eligible to play. Sunday June 29th, is a platinum member only event. Saturday, August 16th is an event for both gold and platinum members. Saturday October 18th is a platinum member only event. The annual is scheduled for May 17th at TBD location. It will be held at 1 pm.

2014-02-09 17:17:55
The new Platinum Cards will be 300 dollars (only credit cards or checks accepted) and allow anyone with 300 points and a platinum card into the $2000 monthly. We are calling the new card the 300/300 card or platinum card. We will have 3 platinum card tournaments a year ($1000 prize). Every game, the card will be worth 5000 chips to the starting stack. All platinum card holders get 2000 extra chips (7000 starting stack) at all quarterlies. So for the Craze and Twisted quarterlies worth $1000,its a leg up. A 300 club member also needs to just make the top 5 at any game to qualify for the quarterly. So gold cards 1000, platinum 2000 bonus chips for specialty tournaments. Members of the 300 club will also be the only ones to get bonus chips at the annual. Their stack will be 12,000 and all others start with 10,000. See your TD today!!! ENJOY!!

Any Two Cards Poker Membership Information
Any Two Cards Poker League offers three exciting levels of membership!
Three Levels of Membership Available! Any Two Cards offers three different levels of membership so you can be sure that you get the membership that suits you best.If you are a casual player who enjoys the game from time to time you may prefer the FREE basic membership - there is no charge or obligation to play in an Any Two Cards event! If you are more serious about the game and want to keep your deck as stacked as possible you will want to become a gold or platinum member. All the details are a click away. You can sign up at the next event and enjoy all the perks of Any Two Cards membership!